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Krone Curtainsider Standard

6 950 EUR Valor Fixo
Anúncio inactivo - Encontre veículos semelhantes: Pesados - Krone.
No Standvirtual desde 2019
Localização vendedor 0321-slash-21.Hrsz., Bicske - 2060 Budapest, concelho Hungria (Hungria) Ver morada
03:35, 30 Abril 2019 ID: 8043093579


Information in English
Bodywork: Tarpaulin

remarks:Tyre size: 385/65 R22.5, 1st axle: , 2nd axle: , 3rd axle: , Air suspension, **With our Value Added Services we can offer:**
* TrailerPlus warranty for used trailer
* individual financing solutions
* full service contracts and telematic-services
* provision of export registration plates /customs plates
* organisation of export documents
* vehicle preparation, new curtains, spare parts
* delivery of your vehicle on the road or by sea
Ask your CTS advisor for your individual, suitable offer. We would be glad to advise you personally!
----Info number for requests: **7903122**----
Please find an overview of all vehicles available on our website
And Other Optional Attchments :
Axles: 3-number-of-axles
0321-slash-21.Hrsz., Bicske - 2060 Budapest, concelho Hungria (Hungria)
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